Jiffy Job Postings

All postings are for positions at the Chelsea, Michigan based "JIFFY" Mix plant, unless noted otherwise.

updated: 1/3/2017

Packaging Machine Maintenance Technician

The Packaging Machine Maintenance Technician operates multiple packaging machines, including setting up and maintaining the packaging machine to ensure that the machine is operating at optimum efficiency and is producing the standard per minute rate and that the finished products/packages meet quality standards. Performs basic adjustments, cleaning, and code verification and code changing duties. Performs predictive and preventative maintenance.

This position requires:

  • High School Diploma, or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated work experience.
  • Demonstrated mechanical aptitude.
  • Basic computer knowledge/skill to troubleshoot the packaging machines.
  • Analytical and conceptual thinking to problem-solve and troubleshoot.
  • Ability to multi-task between several different packaging machines.

Please forward your resume to jobs@jiffymix.com.

Equal Opportunity Employer.